Supporting People with Autism and Learning Difficulties.

Meet the Team

Lee Turner - Co-Chair
I started Autisk alongside Jan as I wanted to help support families who struggle due to their children’s needs.
I personally have a child with complex needs and I feel I can offer much valued life experience advice and support . I also enjoy watching the young people grow in confidence and create friendships over time by attending our groups.
Jan Bennett - Founder/Co-Chair
I started up Autisk with the valued support from Lee and few other close friends. I had a vision of creating a place that children, young people and adults who have disabilities/education needs or social isolation issues could go to that was a safe fun environment.
Having 6 children with needs myself I remember far too well the feeling of loneliness and being scared about how best to care for my children.. added into that I also have autism, ocd and anxiety so I can relate to the families who attend our sessions.
Autisk is very important to me it’s a non judgemental environment that welcomes everybody who turns up at our centre doors.
Nadia Ali - Secretary
I founded Make a Difference in November, 2017 and since then, I have seen the community grow and strengthen in meeting the needs of the local people.
I myself, have worked in the voluntary sector for over 25 years and I love facilitating several community groups to promote health and well-being initiatives for children, young people and adults.
I have joined Autisk to support Jan and work alongside her with Stockport Together work .
My role has broadened into supporting and establishing programmes aimed at reducing poverty and helping to improve the lives for people who live in deprived areas. This role seeks to involve communities in seeking solutions to the problems they face in partnership with statutory and voluntary bodies. As well as that, I am passionate about cooking and travelling.
I love to plan ahead and be organized, I guess good qualities for the work I do. I am proud of my Indian heritage which I share in my groups to raise awareness of different cultures and traditions in the communities we all live in
Adam Knight - Graphic designer
I'm Jans eldest son and I have a graphics design page. My mum has always made sure I am supported to reach my aspirations in life. She has taught me to be proud of who I am and not let obstacles put me off. I do all the flyer designs for Autisk on a voluntary basis.
I enjoy creating new designs and in my spare time I enjoy football, minecraft and winding my support staff up!
Hi, my name is Ken,
I have been around youth work for around 5 years in a part time capacity, working with young people who have been experiencing minor mental health issues. My back ground and full-time roles have been in the care sector over a 20-year period. This has ranged from residential work in settings that support clients with learning disabilities over a 24/7 period. In this setting the support I have provided has been around developing independence through structured programs that the clients have been involved in. I have also set projects up in the community to further support this independence and allow them full access to facilities that everyone enjoys.
This belief of supporting others to achieve has much as they can from life stems from my background in occupational therapy and further experience working in a mental health rehab unit with detained patients. Again, supporting patients to get as much from life has possible and regain lost skills due to major mental illness and return to living independently.
I currently work has a mental advocate where I support the rights of detained patients in ward rounds within mental health law so that their needs and wishes are met. This could be access or leave off the ward or medication issues or after care planning,
My experience has taught me that young people in general are over looked and face many barriers that may not be apparent, and I believe that they are the key to a better future, not only for themselves but everyone.
Lewis has also recently joined our team to help run the gaming/vr sessions each week. He will also be the admin off our minecraft server.
Lewis likes minecraft, sleeping , space and teslas his dream is to meet Elon Musk and have his own Tesla.
I'm Alex and I enjoy creating programs/websites/games in my free time as well as teaching friends how to code.
I'm dawn I love meeting up with my family and friends meeting new people and eating out at restaurants I also love to cook.
I love making new and exciting memories with little Mi
Sena Our lead practitioner who loves working with yp and children.
We are extremely lucky to have Sena on the team, she oversees all the sessions we run and everybody loves her.

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